We are there again...

Yup, 3 weeks ago yesterday Willow had her third shunt placed.  We have been home since and a lot has been going on, and yet not so much at the same time!! LOL   She has had a therapy session at home since then, seen her two brothers off to camp, visited them both at camp, been to a friends house to put her feet in the pool (not such a great time for her there, we have to work on that)  We have made a few library trips while out, normal errands and just general living of life.

We are embarking on a milestone actually... It was July 12th that she had the surgery, so if we can make it to that date we are celebrating 1 month home!! I am not making plans, as we all know how that turns out, but we are enjoying our days as they come.  She is rolling over quite a bit now, and really loves to interact with her siblings, it is such a great thing to see.  She seems to really love to see Evan's face :)  

 So now we just wait and see... School will be starting soon again, and life will be quiet once again!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as well!


Carielle said…
Glad to hear you've been able to enjoy time at home with your family!! Keeping you all in my prayers that it will stay that way :)

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