Fall is fast approaching...

Soon the older three children will be back at school, and my year will only get more crazy! LOL  Jon goes back to CC next week, and so my schedule will change at work.  I was really hoping that my last day would be this Friday... but alas Shirley decided to throw me a curve ball and actually work around my life and let me work whatever hours I need to... Now that gives us something to think about.  I am still not sure it will work since Jon has 3 classes this fall.  I do not believe that if I am working in between his school and work hours he will be able to do any homework with Willow.. But we shall see. We are willing to give it a try for a bit.

Willow is doing well! She has been home for over a month now.  She has acquired a cold though, that comes along with an eye infection. :(  We are praying that she does not get a temp with this at that could take us back a few steps.... She saw her neurosurgeon today for her post-op check up. It is the first time she has ever made this appointment!  So another tiny milestone :)   Her head has not grown any more since the shunt was placed, so we are sitting at 45 1/2 cm. which now that she is almost 8 months old, puts her at about the 75th percentile for head circumference.  So we are doing well. She is getting outpatient therapy at the hospital twice a week, once with PT and once with OT.  Dr. Foody also noticed her eye wandering, so I told him we have been patching her he said good... He has us going for a MRI of her shunt in October some time just to make sure all is good.  She will be sedated for that... I believe that is all the update for her...

We have been enjoying our time together as a family, bike rides around the neighborhood; park time; family making meals, etc.  Just really enjoying this time together before things get horribly crazy! LOL

Well, for now it is time for bed. Hope all my friends are well.


Meg said…
It's nice to hear normal, busy news! I hope that things continue to go well and Willow can have a regular baby cold with no problems. Enjoy your last days before the crazy fall starts!

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