Can we say it yet?

I still knock on wood to even think that we are approaching the 1 month mark since her surgery.  I tread lightly when people ask how she is doing, and do I think... No one wants to really say the words that may set us back, but we are all thinking them.  I long for the days of normalcy once again, I like to think that once the older children are back in school things will settle down a bit, only I think it is wishful thinking at this point in my life! LOL  After all so many changes will be taking place this fall it is so weird to even think about how things will go!

My weeks will once again be full in the evenings with Boy Scouts for Jonathan, Cub Scouts for Evan, Girl Scouts for Mandie, PTA meetings (that I am no longer in charge of!! Yeah!!) yet still need to go to as I do still play a role on the board.  There will be a new hat in my life, I am taking on the Co-director of the Michigan state chapter of the Pediatric Hydrocephalus Association.  My co-director lives on the east side of the state and is already thinking of doing a walk next spring sometime!  I will also be putting the hat of student back on my head. I have found a school that is legit that will allow me to finish my degree of elementary education online! All of these new and exciting things to take place on top of the fact that I now have a  6th grader, 3rd grader and 1st grader!! UGGGHH.  How did the time go by so fast?  Jonathan is in 6th grade already?!  I feel like I need to do more for him when it comes to spending time with him and talking to him and letting him know we are still here for him; I just need to get that time in there.

So Willow is doing well, I will say that.  She loves to roll over all of the time!  Though she will only roll on one side. I do believe the shunt kind of stops her from wanting to try to roll onto her right side.  She will even sleep on her side or stomach now, it is so cute to see the little person she is turning into.  Her core strength is really coming along. She holds her head up very well now, and I can even hold her on my hip and know that she can steady herself and that her head will not flop around.  I have started to let the kids hold her more and carry her across the bed (only the bed, not across rooms yet... still too cautious!)  The kids love her, all 3 of them do, and I love to see them fighting over who gets to play with her when! LOL   I know it sounds funny, but Evan and Mandie are always arguing over whose turn it is to play with Willow. :)  

Yup, things are going well... Now let me go knock on a tree!


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