The week ahead

Well, her neurosurgeon came back today! He stopped in for a few minutes and said to Willow as she greats him with her famous smile, that she is too friendly with people in scrubs! LOL  Yes, my daughter has no fear of the medical professionals, and while that is great at the same time at such a young age, it sucks!  But he felt her soft spot and said that was looking good still, visually looked at her head and said they would be putting the shunt back on the right side (the side the first one was in) and that it would be with a new incision. Their "date" as the doctor called it is set for Thursday at 7:30 in the morning.  And it will indeed be with the pediatric surgeons as well since that side was the one with the pseudo-cyst, so it may take longer than normal.  Basically they are both teaming up in order to take all precautions necessary.

It was a quiet weekend, we are still fever free and cultures are still coming back clear so we are good there.  They decided to give her the 6 month vaccines yesterday so we are keeping an eye on temps for that reason only.  There was one they did not give her as it contains a live bacteria... So knowing my luck it will indeed get her sick once they give it to her before we leave.  With any luck I will be able to tell them not today and we will get it later, but probably not get it... I am just starting my research and trying to figure out what my thoughts are on vaccines. I have never put any thought to them before as I just did it as it was always done before... But once the stories came out about the link to autism and now with Willow having Hydrocephalus, I am curious about the risks... I happened to find a link that stated some vaccines should not be given to children with hydro due to their higher risk of seizures.  So, now I am looking into that further!

Other than that, she had a visit from the physical therapist today, and I found out she is supposed to be getting services 3 times a week, and we only saw them once last week.  So hopefully that changes for this week. I have not been able to really get out of the hospital at all over the weekend, or even much last week since Jon was sick, but I somehow have made it through and get to go to work tomorrow so I am overjoyed to be able to leave for a bit!  This mommy is losing her mind currently!


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