Happy 4th of July!

There are many things I am thankful and appreciative of; such as my freedom first and foremost. I have so many rights that others do not that I am thankful for.  I have many family members who have are are serving to make sure those freedoms are kept ours and while I may not speak to them on a regular basis, I appreciate their dedication and the dedication of all other service members that do the job that so many of us may not be able to do.

Yet with that happiness of our freedoms, comes my sadness, anger, frustration etc. with our current situation.  I wanted to take my family outdoors and see the fireworks, and instead I am stuck in the hospital with Willow, and Jon is at home with a fever so my other kids don't get to see the fireworks.  I feel bad for them, I feel it is not fair that the family is divided like this and I cannot help.  I feel frustration that my plans could not take place... But in all of this craptastic feeling is yet more good news!

Infectious Diseases came by today and told me that we are on the count down to being clear!! Today is actually day 2!  If we can stay clear between now and July 16th, we will be able to internalize the shunt (when will be up to neuro surgery doctor), and then be out of here!! I am so glad to hear that the countdown has already begun and we do not have to continue to wait, I thought for sure we would have to be on antibiotics longer than we were before getting a clean culture, but I am thankful we don't!

So, while once again things suck as I did not get to spend the 4th of July with all of my family, I do know that today the kids went swimming at Aunt Becki's and they loved it!


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