The 4th approaches...

Where to begin.... 

We have been at home enjoying ourselves, making great plans and truly being happy to be able to deal with the normalcy of life!  The last 10 days have been busy, trips to the library, grocery shopping trips, park play dates, etc.  What a great summer!  

So the plans for the 4th were quite extent actually... we had plans to help a friend and house sit their house while they were away for a week, we were going to have a celebration of life party before my sister in law leaves for Arizonia, we were of course going to catch the fireworks and be outside as much as possible while house sitting as they have a pool!! Woohoo

Yet the best laid plans... yeah you know how that goes!  I put Willow to bed last night and was visiting with Becki having a wonderful visit.  She left at 11 and Willow woke up at midnight-ish for her nursing and was fussy after it, but I put her to bed and she fell asleep.  At some point she woke up again and I noticed that she felt warm... I took off her pj's and fell asleep with her on my chest as she had some gas and I was rubbing her back... Well the next time we really woke up (there were a few other fussy times in there but I would just rub her back she would pass gas and we were okay). But at 6:30 am I woke up to being super fussy!  I tried everything and nothing was working, Jon even rolled over and kissed her head, and I said that she is really hot. He feels her head and gets up out of bed for the thermometer... Come to find out she had a temp. of 104.4!  Oh my word did we jump up at that point!

So her and I make it to the ER and sure enough, her temp. is 104.4... It was then that I notice she is leaking some green snotty colored fluid from behind her ear, I show it to the nurse and we both say "an infection" at the same time...  Yup, so the ER doc. calls Dr. Foody (her neurosurgeon) and it is decided without any other testing that the whole thing will be removed!  So, she went in and had the shunt removed, and an external drain placed.  Now they are growing the cultures and will draw labs every 2 days, as soon as we get a clear and clean draw from her labs, that is day 1 and then we have to wait 10 days from that day before we can have the shunt placed back in.  Currently it does not look like it was any type of allergic reaction, just strictly an infection. We do not know how she got the infection, but we are thinking it is our horribly crappy house.  Now what to do from here.. who knows, don't make too many plans in advance, find a nicer house to live in, uggghhhh so much to think about, and yet now I am frustrated. 


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