What a weekend!

Well, the week at the hospital was pretty boring as I would have really wanted it! That means that all of her cultures were always negative, and she never spiked a fever, had no leaking issues and no signs of problems with the new shunt! So really we spent a week at a really expensive, not so great in the food department hotel! LOL  Yes I am trying to make a joke here; but really I was happy to have a boring week at the hospital. After all, there was plenty to keep my busy with it being the kids last day of school!  

Jonathan was promoted out of 5th grade, and had a wonderful promotion ceremony at the school.  I did make it through without crying, after all I did not want to completely embarrass him! But, I also had to make sure to take a few pictures too regardless of whether he would be embarrassed or not. That is a mom's job! So Wednesday, I had a friend (Thank you Jodi) watch Willow for me so that I could attend Jonathan's promotion.

By Thursday I knew we were getting close to being done with our stay, which felt comforting knowing that Willow has not had any issues.  Yet I get back from work only to find a very cranky Willow. She does not cry or scream and yet there was nothing I could do (she did quiet down while nursing, but that only lasts 5 minutes)... So at the same time I request Tylenol from the nurses, Dr. Foody, our neurosurgeon walks in... Go figure (as I roll my eyes). He of course asks what is going on, why do we need the Tylenol?  I tell him that she is not a fussy baby and something is bothering her.  He then tells me that is a bummer, I was going to let you guys go home today... ACCCKKKK seriously?!  Well, okay that is fine. I would rather be safe than sorry.  Come to find out it was the IV that was in her foot, the vein was starting to go bad as she had been put back on the Vanco antibiotic again after her surgery on Monday night. So, we were able to get the nurse to take out the IV and within 10 minutes she was doing so much better.

So Friday we got to go home! It was wonderful, we were home shortly after the kids got out of school, so that was a bit of a bummer, but all in all just fine.  We definitely had a crazy weekend too since we were home! A friends 30th birthday party, then off to Rockford for the fireworks (and here is a picture from that night!)
I gotta say I love Mandie's "punky brewster" outfit! LOL 

So then today was spent at church and then baking and cooking dinner. I decided to include the kids in the baking and dinner process as much as possible, and it was a blast! We made Mississippi Mud brownies, and Angel Food Cake, for strawberries I bought.  Dinner was BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, Tandori bread (we call it special bread), and pickles!  Oh the kids thought it was the best dinner in years! LOL  

 I gotta say, I love being home again!  Here are a few pics of Willow too! 

Those eyes of hers... wow. 

I love this smile! I had to share it again. 

This is her new bed! A little tent that has her wedge in it, and she loves it! She feels so snuggled in there! She is doing pretty good at day time naps in there, if only the rest of the kids would be quiet! LOL 


Carielle said…
I love to see her big smile!!! I'm glad it was a "boring" week at the hospital :)
Jodi said…
So happy it was a "boring week", and sitting with Willow was a joy! So glad she is home and you can get back to a "normal" family life!! Bring on the park play dates!!

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