What a week!

I am not even sure how we have been filing up our days lately, I just know that I always feel busy, though I am almost certain the kids will tell you they are board.

I can tell you though that we (Willow and I) are still hospital free. Yes folks it has been 11 days since we were released and we are still doing great!  I will say that she is a bit fussier than she was in the hospital, but I do believe that has to do with how warm our house is than anything else, at least that is what I am hoping is the case.

Let me see if I can tell you some of the things we have been doing to fill up our days.... We have gone to the children's museum and the kids had a blast there!  Mandie loved the animal hospital area, Evan loved to just sit and build with PVC pipe (I think I know what to get him for Christmas now!! LOL) Jonathan spent about an even amount of time at all the exhibits, nothing really stood out that he spent a lot of time at.  But that is okay, he is kind of reaching that age of "this is too babyish for me" and yet at other times, I love that he can still be a kid!  We have also gone to a few parks, played with some friends I have been able to see for a while (I forgot how cool Frog Hollow Park can be for the kids!) We have done an overnight trip to the cub master's house for the cub scout crossover for Evan. That included swimming and a 10 mile bike ride! Yes folks, my boys and I rode 10 miles that day! I cannot believe it either! LOL We have also laid low and caught up on some chores around the house (which will be something I do tomorrow morning as well).  We had a baking day (which I think so far may be my favorite), where they each got to help me make some form of a dessert and then Evan even chose to help me make dinner that night!  Tonight is a special night for them, as Aunt Becki has taken them to see Shrek the Musical! (http://www.broadwaygrandrapids.com/shrekthemusical.php?gclid=CNbUvqGpyKkCFQEKKgod0DCuLg)  

Willow had her stitches out today, so I stayed behind to make sure that there was no adverse reaction, not that there would be after such a simple thing, but she has been so fussy as I stated earlier that the neurosurgeons nurse Laurie suggested I not leave her for a while so that I can definitely make sure that there are no changes in her.

Upcoming events we may have... let's see we have therapy for her, a visit to the neuro-developmental doctor next week.. My 5K walk is also next week July 2. We have a picture session scheduled for the kids to get them all together, and even get Willow's 6 months shots!  I cannot believe that in 3 days she will be 6 months already, my baby is growing so fast!

I believe that is all the exciting news I have for you now.... I am so glad that it is not filled with doctors jargon this time!  Maybe next week will be more informational! LOL


Jodi said…
You have been busy!!

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