What a day

Well, it started off okay, got up in plenty of time to get myself to work. Even grabbed a coffee with Jon before leaving the hospital!  (it's the little things right?!)  Did my job quite well today, I really felt like I was back to work and things were going okay.  For those 3 hours I knew where Willow was at, but really there was nothing for me to worry about because for starters daddy was with her, and I also knew that nothing was going on today. It is another waiting day to see what happens.

So I work until 11 am, and call Jon only to find out his morning with Willow was not so precious... She pulled out her IV (that they had just put in this morning seeing as the one in her foot exploded), and that no matter how Jon tried to feed her she was not a happy camper.  So I ran home really quick to find Jon had forgotten to give Jonathan his medicine, so I run to the school give him meds, grab lunch, and rush back to the hospital.  Sure enough she was one grumpy girl!  She was able to finally settle down and took a nap from about 1-3 as we used to do at home, and then woke up again grumpy as ever.  I am not sure what had made her grumpy but she was.

Later in the afternoon Jon called to tell me of a wonderful blessing we received from our neighbors.  So, we thought about going out to dinner with the kids and having Child Life Services visit with Willow while we were gone, but they cannot sit for long, so instead Jon's mom stayed with Willow while I went home to a home cooked meal!  It was wonderful (thank you Erin!) after that Jon went to sit with Willow and his mom while I got to say a thank you to our neighbors who were home and then go to Meijer and buy Willow some new toys to hang from her bed here.

These are not it, but it was a picture I had from yesterday. The chair is from PT here at the hospital.

All in all, the kids had a blast visiting with me, as I did with them, and we all enjoyed some normalcy for a brief moment in time.  Now, it is time for bed.


Mom to two said…
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Jodi said…
What a day Donna! Many hugs! If you need someone to sit with Willow give me a call.
Carielle said…
Crazy day! Prayers are constantly being said for your sweet girl and your family! I don't know how you're keeping it together, Donna! You're an amazing woman!
Amanda: said…
Yay for a little bit of normal. Wish I were closer - I'd love to sit with her :)

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