A week after

Well, it has been a week since we had the emergency surgery.  What a week it has been.  I will say that I do see a difference in Willow, she found her hand the other day, and by found I mean she actually SAW her hand with her own two eyes!  For her that is huge (as it was with me! I was so excited)  She loves to try to stand when you hold her up, which is new for her as well, the one thing that has stayed the same is she still tilts her head to the side drastically.  So the nurse from the neurosurgeons office suggested we call Willow's ped. and mention torticollis (http://www.torticolliskids.org/) to see if that is the reason for the head tilt.  I am so exhausted from all that is going on currently that while I did make the appointment, I almost did not want to as this will be one more thing we have to work through.  I know that we are not given more than we can handle and that all of this will make us stronger.... yeah I am currently exhausted and not feeling so strong.

This time of year gets really busy for the kids school and PTA and I feel so lucky that currently my board and the staff are picking up where I am lacking, but it really should not be that way.  I feel bad that they are having to do that, but I am hoping it is only something that will be for now, and that as we approach a later time things will not be so busy with Willow.  I feel like I am missing so much that is going on with my other children, and it really is not fair to them.

For now, I will say we have made it through the week and that is a great start!


Chel said…
Yay for Willow's hands, and sight, and legs!! That is worth celebrating!!

It's a season. Your other kids will survive. They've had lots of love for several years; they can share for a while. The PTA will most definitely survive. They'd want someone to help pick up the slack if they were in your shoes. So just do your best, day by day, and you'll do great.

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