Trip two...

Well, we had been questioning the fluid build up around the shunt track all week with the neurosurgeons office, and was told it was normal..  Well, today I gave Willow a bath and noticed that her incision site on her belly was swollen and raised... That worried us a bit, but we still weren't going to take her in right away... But by 2, she had a temp of 99.8, and with children with shunts I was told if it gets to 100.5 then we call in... Well, I was tired of being told things were okay, so I took her to ER.... At first they check her vitals and the temp is gone, go figure symptoms always go away with my kids when the doctors are around... But while we were still in ER and probably just before they were going to discharge us telling me all is fine, she spikes a fever of 100.9!  So they tell me they want to run a few more tests, blood work was done, a poke into her shunt track was done to test the fluid for infection.  It came back with WBC's in it (White blood cells) though I was not told the count.  So, they admitted us and we are currently here.

They have done a CT scan and that does show that the hydrocephalus is going down, the ventricles are shrinking in size so that is a good thing, but if she really does have an infection in the track, it means shunt removal, and then wait for the infection to run its course (generally 10 days) and then new surgery... From my understand she does not leave the hospital at all during this time.  :(   So, I am really praying that it is not an infection as I do not want to have to go through this all over again, yet at the same time, I want it to be done correctly.

Please just send any and all thoughts, healing energy, prayers her way.  Thankfully Jon was given a leave of absence for this coming week until the 16th, so that will help with support, unfortunately not so much financially!! LOL  But funny thing is that is not even a worry with me right now.  Maybe if we had not ended up here this week it would have been, but not today.  There are much bigger things to worry about.

I will try to get a picture tomorrow.


Carielle said…
I'm so sorry, Donna! I'm sending love, hugs and prayers your way!
Jodi said…
So sorry you have to go through this. I am 5 minutes away if you need ANYTHING! Call me!

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