Trip 2 continued

Well, this trip was not as easy as we thought or even hoped for.

She has developed an allergic reaction to the shunt and they know that because when they tapped the shunt there was an elevated count of eosinophil's (otherwise know as white blood cells or the doctor called it proteins).  They are not sure what part of the shunt she may be allergic to since there is a long list of pieces, and chemicals used to clean and sterilize the shunt; but that part really does not matter.  To treat the allergic reaction they are giving her 4 doses of very strong steroids every 12 hours that started at 12:30 this afternoon.  Then she will have 2 days off of steroids and during those 2 days off she will have another shunt tap that they will test for eosinophil's again, and they will also place die into the shunt to see if there is a leak somewhere along the track. After those 2 days off, she will be started on steroids once again for 4 doses....

It is very sad to see her like this, though I will say she is taking it like a trooper and much better than daddy and I are taking it.  Her siblings are doing not so well either as Jonathan is the big worrier of the three he is of course really hoping we get out of here soon!  Evan thinks it is cool that my parent badge will get us in and out of the parking ramp for free, though he is also a bit sad that Willow is going through all of this... Mandie seems like it does not even bother her! Gotta love the mind of a five year old.

For those of you who have asked what can you do to help, first thing is to please keep her and us in your thoughts and prayers.  Second right now I don't even know!  We don't mind company here at the hospital, it helps us to pass the time away, and I will be honest, food for the parent here is always welcomed!! LOL  Other than that I believe we are okay, the kids have a few plans this week on Thursday and Friday due to some helpful, caring people.  But if you have questions, we will always be glad to answer them!

Willow fast asleep on Mother's Day.  At least she can sleep peacefully!


Jodi said…
Thinking of you Donna! Give me a list of your likes/dislikes and I will see what I can do! Lots of hugs!
Meg said…
Bill and I are thinking of you a lot. I wish we could do something for you but we are so far away. Hang in there, you and Jon are doing a great job.

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