Plan's change

Well, I guess things cannot go smoothly all of the time, right?

They had pulled some CSF yesterday and the results came back already this morning.... Her eosinophil count is still too high, and that means a couple of things, first and foremost we cannot do the surgery on Thursday for the new shunt.The second thing it means is that her body is still indeed fighting off something and yet when they do cultures to see what type of bacteria it may be, nothing is growing.  It reminds me so much of when my liver failed why I was pregnant with her and they were not able to find the reason why they could only flush me full of fluids and antibiotics and hope for the best.

Well, Dr. Foody had called me this afternoon to let me know what is going on and he said they may have to take her off of the antibiotics for 48 hours to clear them out of her system, and then do a run of tests and see if anything grows after another 48 hours... So, if we are lucky and he called infectious diseases today to find out if he can do that, then it would be Saturday before we have an answer as to what she is possibly fighting.  And then they may do another CSF draw to see if her eosinophil count has gone down yet or not.  If all of that goes well, they will try to squeeze her into surgery before he has to be at the office on Monday or Tuesday, but in all reality it is looking like at best next week Thursday which is when he does his peds. surgeries.  If that is indeed the case of us not having her surgery until next Thursday we won't be out of here until Saturday or Sunday of Memorial Weekend....

Of course those plans could change too if they are unable to figure out what is going on and her eosinophil count does not go down, I have not even asked what would happen then. I am afraid of how much longer this "trip to ER" will be.  Today is officially day 10.  This is getting old really fast and yet I cannot honestly pull myself away from her room for too long as I begin to feel horrible about silly things, like what if she wakes up and I am not there to comfort her, or what if she gets hungry (after all of this she still loves to nurse!)  So, instead Jonathan, Evan and Mandie have to be without a mommy for right now and rely on daddy and the kindness of our friends.

Thank you to each and every one of you who are keeping us in your thoughts and prayers and helping us in the oh so many ways you have.  It is so greatly appreciated.


Amanda: said…
Josh had a mystery infection too... they had to stop his meds and re-run cultures before they figured it out. Here's hoping you have results sooner rather than later. Believe it or not, the kids really will be fine through all of this. They might act out for a little while because they are feeling left out, but that will run it's course quickly. Just remember that you need a break too. You can't stay in that room 24-7 and not go crazy. Get a hold of me if there's anything I can do to help.

(watch out for the cafeteria food though - when Josh was sick, I gained like 20 lbs thanks to comfort eating and the "not so healthy" options of the hospital cafeteria, lol)
Donna said…

Yeah, I am definitely watching out for cafeteria food! I eat there maybe once every couple of days if Jon and I didn't time meal exchanges properly! I am getting out for a couple of hours daily, today was work, tomorrow will be after Jon gets out of class etc.
Thank you so much for the support and kind words, it helps to hear that she has a great neurosurgeon too! He felt so bad when he called me today.

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