How much longer???!

So every day the nurses have their shift change at 7 am and 7 pm, and then about an hour after they are settled with their charges, the doctors walk around and do what is called a round table at each door with the nurse of the patient and the adults are allowed to listen in, ask questions etc.  The whole thing is quite funny actually as on this floor they have a the "rounding ball" which is a pink magic 8 ball! Well I just found out that they do it at night too, I only knew of the morning rounding.  Well, tonight's rounding came with some unpleasant news.

The nurse came in and told me that he had to check Willow's veins as the antibiotic she is on is quite harsh and can actually burn the vein.  Nice I know seeing as this is the second round of this type of drug and it is given for about 10-14 days every 12 hours.  So, the plan is that she will be given a central line for her IV drugs, meaning it will either go in through the chest by the armpit, or upper thigh.  I was told if they do the chest the IV will go to her heart.  I have not spoken with the doctor who is going to do this yet, so I don't have all the questions answered, or answers to anything just yet, but the plan is they are going to do this tonight still. I know they will knock her out for it though, so she doesn't feel anything.

What this means though is that I am told we will be here a minimum of 2 more weeks.  This medicine needs to run for 10-14 days.  Instead of putting in the new shunt on Thursday the plan is to replace the external one with a new external one in a new spot, because this one is leaking out, and if fluid can get out, infection can theoretically get in.  I know that she needs to be stable and healthy before surgery in order for the outcome to be better, but what that means is more than a month in a hospital.

I am now not okay again.  I know I have broken down once before, but tonight is full of anxiety for my family at home.  This is crazy and not normal, and they are at friends houses relying on their kindness and I just want to go home and take care of my family like I am supposed to.  Why does all of this have to happen to us?  I know there is a reason behind us raising Willow as she is; hydrocephalus and all but I am not strong enough to keep this up.

Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers and healing thoughts.  We need all the strength we can find. Thank you.

On another note; here are some pictures of the kids as they enjoy the nice weather with friends who are kind enough to help them through this tough time:

Mandie at Riverside Park this past weekend.

Evan not looking so good also this past weekend, he got sick after this day. :(

Playing at Briggs Park with the new toys! 

Look at my monkey's at Briggs Park! 


Chel said…
I'm so sorry.
Carielle said…
I am so sorry, Donna! You are the strongest Mama I know! Saying prayers for you and your family!
Colleen said…
Donna, no one expects you to be strong and assured every moment of every day. We are here to pick up the burden and load however you need us to. And if you need time to just break down - let us know. If you want time at home - let me know. I will come sit with Miss Willow for as long as you need. I teach tomorrow but after 5 I'm pretty clear for the next few days! Just let me know.
Jodi said…
I am so sorry Donna! YOU are stronger than you think. I know you don't see this, but girl... you inspire me!

If you want I can come sit with her so you can go be with the rest of your family for an hour or so every night, just say that word and I am there.

Love you!

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