You heard me right, her eosinophil count is down today.  Thank you God!  

She had continued to go up in her count over the weekend.  Sunday she was up to 46, and this is a count that should be no more than 5... So we began to doubt that the surgery would take place this Thursday.  The other event that happened yesterday was she pulled out her IV again.  This girl is like a female, tiny version of Houdini!  Honestly I am not sure what to do with her lately! :)  The running joke right now with her, is that if she could crawl/walk, she would be making a break for it!  She is still a happy little girl who is nursing like a champ, still quite demanding on my time as she would love to be held by mommy at all times, and of course while we are here I am truly happy to oblige, but when we get home... I will have other children to care for as well, so we will have to re-adjust to all of that again as well!  Thankfully I am not currently worried about that, it was just a thought that the nurses like to bring up to me on a regular basis; as if I am not going to be able to care for my 4 children when we get home..... 

Anyway back to the story!  So, Dr. Foody stopped in this morning and took some more fluid (which is why we know the count is down to a 6) and also told me that her cultures all came back negative, so there is no infection/bacteria that she is fighting it is strictly an allergic reaction to the shunt.  He also said that we will be doing surgery on Thursday because we cannot leave the EVD (external ventricular drain) in much longer as that runs its own risks of infection as well.  So in weighing the risk we will be doing surgery regardless of her count on Thursday, but I am so very thankful that it is currently down.  

I want to thank all of my friends and family for all of the support, prayers, healing thoughts, food... Just everything that you have all done for us.  Our journey is far from over obviously but I am beginning to see a small amount of light at the end of this "quick trip to the ER" that has turned into now day 17. Thank you again.  


Chel said…
YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! It went down a LOT! That is so awesome.

(Going home will be QUITE an adjustment with it's own challenges. Hopefully you'll still have some great support. Even with the challenges, you'll be HOME, which will be fantastic, so don't worry about it till you're there.)
Jodi said…
So very happy to hear this Donna!!! She is a fighter and she is just saying in her own way "I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!"

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