A day of waiting

Well they started her steroids yesterday at 12:30 in the afternoon, and by today we were seeing a fussy Willow. Every time she would start to stir or wake up she would cry, fuss, and be grumbly.  Which is not our normal Willow, so the wonderful nurse Jon ordered some Tylenol.  In ordering the Tylenol it brought the Neurosurgeon up to our room to see what was going on.  I explained that she has been spitting up more, fussier than normal and Dr. Amy said that is normal with these steroids as it can hurt her tummy.... So Dr. Foody (her Neurosurgeon) decided not to give her the last dose tonight, and has ordered the redo of the test (the shunt tap & die placement) for tomorrow afternoon (literally after noon!)

 So today has been all about watching and waiting.  I think this part is almost harder than them doing things with her and running tests and such... The watching of your little girl in pain and there not being much you can do but hold and cuddle her (which at times is wonderful, at others, like when I have to use the bathroom, can be quite difficult!)

I want all of our friends and family to know that we truly appreciate all of the prayers, thoughts, healing energy, food, babysitting offers, etc.  All of it is slightly overwhelming at times, but truly appreciated.... So thank you to each and every one.


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