We are home!

It is so nice to be able to sleep in my own bed with my little girl in my arms.  I must say that while she slept quite well last night, I did not.  I was so worried about her that I kept waking up!  Go figure.  So what does one do after surgery and returning home, well she took a nap once we got home and then stayed awake for quite a while and "talked" to whoever would listen.  Then around 5:30 she became a bit fussy, I am not sure if she started to realize that her head hurt or that all the noise from Evan and Mandie being home was a bit much for her.  Either way we gave her some Tylenol so that she could get another nap in before it was actually bed time.  

Jon and I on the other hand spent yesterday rearranging the living room and our bedroom.  You see things are quite different now that she is home and has a programmable shunt in her head.  If you get too close to her with any type of electronic device (phone, speakers etc.) then we have to take her in to the doctor soon due to the possibility of it changing the setting on her shunt.  So we are removing all magnets (ie kids toys, baby toys, fridge magnets etc.)  and boxing them up or selling them.  We are also rearranging the house so that as we walk through it, her head is not too close to a speaker or magnet by mistake.  We can not talk on the phone or have a computer near her either so if I am holding her, I am not here anymore! LOL   

Basically our new rule is, sit in one spot with her and have empty hands and pockets if you want to visit with our Willow.... It may seem a bit extreme and yes we do admit it may be, but after your child has brain surgery extremes are important in order to get other children to understand how important it is to be super careful around Willow now.  Even as adults we need to remember so extreme or not, it is her safety that is important now. 


Chel said…
I'm glad you're home and doing well! I understand the extreme caution! It's a good choice. To blow it off is too high a risk. As Willow gets bigger you'll learn where you can 'relax' and where you can't.

So will she never be able to own a cell phone or mp3 player? Or is this 'for a time'? Of course, by the time she's bigger cell phones and mp3 players will be passe'!
Donna said…
Chel, so long as she has a programmable shunt she cannot have it near her head. Now in all honesty we are being told it is within 6 inches to a foot of her whole head, but if we were holding her and talking on the phone then there is that possibility we would cross the phone over her to put it down or hold it on the same side as she is resting on, etc. and that cannot happen... So it is off with the magnets!
Chel said…
I'd be the exact same way. It just isn't worth the risk.

Samuel will feel better. Now there will be one other child in the country who doesn't have their own cell phone. :)

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