Springtime in Michigan

I will start by saying this post would probably be better if there were pictures too, but I have none... There is still a story I can tell though if that will be helpful.  So, it is April 19th, yesterday my Evan turned 8 years old!  I cannot believe he is already 8 and almost done with the second grade (and silly me did not take any pictures of yesterday, no cake, no present pictures, nothing... :(   Yet the day still goes on!

He woke up sort of sad, thinking there would be no cake or presents for him (oh woh is me right?!)  Well, yes I did the good mom thing and make him a funfetti cake (courtesy of Pillsbury), and then realized that I did not have enough funfetti frosting, I made chocolate. Only I thought I had enough ingrediants only to find out I was short on powder sugar.  Thankfully Jon once cooked for a living, so if I screw anything up, I go to him.  Well after a few additions, we get the frosting correct!  LOL  We also had a few lego sets for him.  So when he got home from school he was quite surprised!!  I love the look of a surprised 8 yr. old.  Since Jon was working we really had no plans, other than to be quiet, but his dinner break was scheduled for 5:45...So for birthday dinner we pulled out the party plates/cups and made some chocolate chip pancakes and sausage!  What a great dinner!

After dinner we did a quick happy birthday song and candle blow out and gift opening.... Boy was that a jam packed 1/2 hour lunch break! LOL  He had a good birthday I can tell you that! What boy does not love a 5 different lego sets, a bug world, and a solar system that has a remote?!

Other than his birthday, we are doing pretty well as a family.  Jon is in his last week of classes before finals for his first semester back in college!  I am so proud of him, I cannot wait to see what his grades are (as I am sure he will tell you as well he is getting anxious to know if he has 3 A's coming to him!! LOL) I am enjoying watching my Willow grow, she is getting so big!  She had a first today.... A real giggle!! It was such a joy to hear her giggle when I put her up in the air and on her way down covered her in kisses! LOL  I cannot wait to see what else will make her giggle....

Jonathan is doing well also, he will soon be going to 5th grade camp where he will get to ride a horse! He is getting quite excited to do that.  I am just sad to realize that in two short weeks he will be 11 years old, and in the fall starting 6th grade!  Uggh where did the time go?

Amanda is almost done with kindergarten and doing well.  She has some very good friends and I am sure she will be playing with them most of the summer! LOL   I cannot seem to keep them apart for more than a couple of days at best.  Yet I am so glad to see how she is blossoming into the social little butterfly.

For now, I just wait for Willow's next appointment.  We have her 4 month check up on the 26th, and I cannot wait to see how much she has grown!


starimager said…
My youngest grand son turned 11, how time flies! You get two thumbs up from me! Aloha Pumehana UJ.

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