Spring Break is over!!

Yes, while I love my children to pieces, I love that they are in school full days, five days a week! Spring break with an infant is tremendously hard work; as schedules get messed around, fun has to be had, and if you are not entertaining them every minute of every second of these school aged children's day, then off with your head!

Okay, so maybe it wasn't that bad, but seriously I felt like I had to be "on" at all times of the week.
So how did the West children spend their spring break?  It started on Friday, April 1 at Play World for a friend of Mandie's birthday party.  Boy was that an adventure!  The children loved it, of course, Jonathan had never been there, so he was a giant sweat box of joy.  Evan began to remember that he had been there once before, and then only wanted to play with the video games, and was very disappointed when I would not give him money for tokens.  Poor boy, I promise, he survived though.  Mandie was overjoyed to be spending time with her "girlfriends for life" as I heard her say a few times that night... Who would have thought that a five year old could have a "girlfriend for life"! The weekend was then spent recovering, and playing with their cousin Kyra.  Midweek we spent a day at John Ball Zoo, and that was a blast as well!  There were not very many animals out, because most of their animals are warm habitat animals but there were some turkey's which startled Jonathan when they gobbled!  (I have to say that was the BEST part of our day) Then on Friday we packed up the car and headed east!  Okay so not far east, just towards the Flint area to visit my brother and his family.  It was great to see them again as we have not seen them in a few years.  While there we went to Lowe's to do one of their Build & Grow Saturday activities which for my kids was the best part of the trip! LOL  They got to use hammers and nails!  Oh the joy!! LOL   Okay, enough sarcasm, honestly they truly love to build things like that and I did enjoy helping Mandie and seeing the boys figure things out for themselves on this.  So Sunday we return home to wonderful, no beautiful weather!  It was sunny and 85!  We played outside and Willow got to sit in her stroller and enjoy the fresh air and sun shine as well.  It was a wonderful close to a wonderfully stressful week.

But as I said, spring break is over, and while we had fun, I am so glad to have my life back.  My routine, Willow's routine, our Monday housecleaning day, Tuesday I work and then nap with her in the afternoon... Only today I chose not to nap... I read a wonderful book that was lent to me.  That is a whole post of its own for my review and thoughts on that... possibly tomorrow which is usually my day to veg!  Ahhh the finer things in life! LOL

I hope that everyone else had a wonderful spring break as well.


Midnightmommy said…
Remind me on Thursday that I have a book of kid's building projects to show you.

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