Day 2 at the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

Well, we made it through the first night with flying colors! Willow was kept on morphine throughout the night (every 2 hours receiving a new dose) and that did help, but also so sad to see her in that state of glossy eyes and constant sleepiness.  Due to her medication she slept quite well and would only wake once the morphine wore off, I on the other hand got a total of 2 hours... Yeah I feel like a zombie today.

The only downfall we came across was that her heart rate would fall while she was sleeping.  It is supposed to be in the 100's but her's was more like in the 80's. So they ordered an EKG this morning to take place after the Cat Scan. Both of those tests took place quite early in the morning, 5:30 and 6 am respectively!  So of course I was on pins and needles wondering what are the results, are we going to have to have surgery #2 already?? You know all the what if's of what could possibly happen..... Well thankfully my mind was put to rest around 9 am, the neurosurgeon said that the Cat Scan looked great, he felt the soft spot which was softer than it was yesterday which means the fluid is draining properly, it is wonderful!

Today aside from being exhausted, I was told we would be moved onto the normal peds. floor and that finally took place around 6:30 pm... So we got settled, and she nursed to sleep (it is so lovely to have her doing that again!) The nurses here on this floor are also very nice (I miss my ICU nurses already), but these nurses are friendly and caring too, so hopefully we should be well taken care of!

We still have much to learn about the programmable shunt that they placed in her tiny little head last night, but I can say that it is already creating a new Willow!  She smiled today around 2 pm (her last dose of morphine was 8 am!!) and she began to "talk" to the nurses and me, and I came close to getting a giggle! So we shall now wait and see how things progress from here.

On to other important news, Jonathan just earned his Arrow of Light tonight (and yeah, I missed it :(  But alas, daddy was there with him and hopefully things went beautifully! I am so proud of him!  He also gets to go to 5th grade camp tomorrow!! I am missing so many wonderful things, but alas, in the end we are not missing a precious little gem....

So, one day at a time, and today we are closing it with a great view of the cityscape.


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