Two months already

Well, I am a few days behind (more like a week, but really, who's counting?) Willow has reached the 2 month age! There are things that by now she should be doing, such as following us with her eyes if we move our head from one side to the other of her; but she does not. She should also be batting at toys or objects that are in front of her, she also does not do that. She also can still go crossed eyed and the pediatrician says she should not be doing that anymore. But she is now 24" long, 10 lbs. 8 oz. and if I recall her head was 40 cm.! So she is growing quite well. She is still my nursing champ too, she has not had a single drop of formula and I am very happy about that! We are also still cloth diapering so it is a whole new experience with this baby!

I have also had the other kids conferences within the last couple of weeks, and they are all doing excellent! Mandie is "a blending fool" according to her teacher, which means she can stretch out all the letters into sounds to learn to read. Her writing is doing very well also! Evan is reading above level still, also above in math too, he is turning into a little Jonathan! Speaking of Jonathan, he is in Odyssey of the Mind again this year, and his competition is in only 18 more days!! He is getting quite anxious about it. He is also still reading above level and ahead in math still too. His teacher said her trouble is keeping him challenged, so we are all trying to think of ways to challenge him so that he does not lose interest and begin to wander in thoughts and disturb other students.

So, all in all, it has been a great two months. Things are starting to pick up around here though with meetings, choir rehearsals, Odyssey meetings, cub scouts and the transition into boy scouts for Jonathan. Mandie is joining girl scouts now as well, so that means another night of something going on!!

The joys of parenthood!



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