The turn with the seasons....

Okay lets see here....  For the last month or so we have noticed that Willow will tilt her head to the right in a very obscure manner.  I meant to bring it up to the pediatrician once, but we were busy discussing the reflux issue at hand.  Well 2 weeks later we were back at the peds office for her 2 month check up, and if I didn't share those results, she was well!  10 lbs. 10 oz, 24" in length.  It was at this appointment that I remembered to bring up the fact that she tilts her head weird.  So, the doctor looked at it, and ruled out that it was due to any type of pulled muscle.  So, she suggests we run a head ultrasound just to rule out the obscure.  I of course agree as it seems as if nothing is wrong, and we are just going to make sure it is nothing serious.  So the ultrasound was set for Wednesday, March 9th at 1:30 in the afternoon.

It was a beautifully sunny day, I was in good spirits as was Willow.  I have to say that the new children's hospital is quite amazing!  So, we make it to the right floor, and the technician was very nice and patient as well.  She turned on these rainbow lights for her to gaze at, allowed me to nurse her when it seemed she needed a break!  I felt so comfortable there.  Willow was a trooper though and when done we went home again in high spirits. 

All was about to change in our lives though and in a rather short time period.  Around 6 pm that same night our pediatrician called and said that the results were in from the test.  It seems that Willow has a build up of fluid in her brain and the third ventricle is too narrow to help pass it along, so we will need to be referred to a neurosurgeon and have an MRI scheduled and go from there.  More than likely she will need a shunt put in.  

Now, if you're like me, you only heard a few key things in that phone conversation, "build up of fluid in her brain", "ventricle too narrow", "neurosurgeon", "MRI", "shunt".... After that call I about died!  Brain surgery for my precious baby girl!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  

Well, now that a few days have passed and we have processed the information (diagnosis is called Hydrocephalus), it is still serious and we are still vigilant in making sure things are getting done quickly.  Thursday was spent making phone calls trying to make sure the MRI was scheduled quickly (at first it was set for April 7th), then it got moved to March 17th, and we will see the neurosurgeon only after the MRI has been done.  Well, today is Friday, a new day.  I received a phone call.... the MRI is now on MONDAY!! OH MY WORD!  I am excited to know that we will soon have answers, but in the beginning what started off as a cute, quirky head tilt as now changed into a serious condition (though people can live normal lives with this).  So I am almost afraid to have the MRI done and afraid of what those results will actually say.  

Spring is on its way, and today we will enjoy the sunshine. One small step at a time.

The head tilt that started it all:


Jodi said…
So very scary! Will be keeping her and you in my prayers!

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