A nice change

I decided to change up the design on my blog. I do that every so often. Change can be a wonderful thing. I chose the rain this time not because I am drowning (though I suppose I do have those feelings on some days), but no I chose rain today for its refreshing quality.  The rain calms me, I love a good storm.  To watch the clouds roll in, hear the thunder... yes I still count each Mississippi between the thunder and lightening!

The other night we had a few nice storms rolling in, and I had the urge to go out and soak up the rain and enjoy the thunder.  I wrapped Willow up into a towel, zipped up my hoodie to the top, and after slipping my shoes on, stepped outside.  Jon was there smoking on the porch, and he asked me such a silly question, "Are you running away?"  Yes Jon, with a baby in a towel and no coat on my back, I am running away... Silly man.  No I instead went outside to breathe in the rain, thankfully it was not raining hard yet.  It was the best first day of Spring drizzle I could have hoped for.  I just stood out there with Willow and told her that the thunder rolling in meant a storm was on its way, and if you listened closely you could hear it coming.

That is not anything I had ever done with my other children, and honestly they fear storms.  But that night Willow looked at me, smiled, I heard her sigh and she fell right to sleep in my arms outside in the rain and thunder.  As crazy as that may sound to some, it was the most peaceful moment of my life with her thus far.  We just stood and listened.

I believe that was just another lesson Willow was meant to teach me.  I can not wait until we have our next moment.


Jodi said…
After reading this, I will be thinking of you and Willow when the next thunder storm rolls in. What an amazing woman you are Donna!

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