Letter in the mail, and phone calls made

Well yesterday was Friday.  I called the neurosurgeon to see if we needed to follow up with him, and was told no, she does not need surgery so we are being referred to someone else.  Good news!  I called Ken-o-sha to see what was going on with a home worker, and the main office sent the intake papers to another location closer to my house, called the Wellerwood Center, and they should be calling me early next week to set up our first appointment for home evaluation.  Good news again!  So we still will see the pediatric opthomalogist at the end of this month to see if there is anything wrong with her eyes, and we are just waiting for news from the pediatric neuro-developmental specialist.....

Well that news came today in the mail!! The pediatrician warned us we may need to wait to get in to see her, as right now there are not too many milestones for Willow to miss.  So, the note says our first appointment will be with Dr. Nancy Dodge (a partner of the dr. my pediatrician was saying we would see) will be June 28 at 1 pm.  It will be about an hour and a half long and it came with 6 pages of medical history forms to fill out!! I read through it, and I really need my pediatrician and opthomolgist to help me fill it out! LOL  Mainly because it is asking for Apgar scores (which I was not told with this child), and tests given, blood work done, true name diagnoses etc.  But, I obviously have time before needing it all filled out, so that is good!

So now we wait, and enjoy our daughters smiles until then! On to other family news....

Jonathan competed in the Odyssey of the Mind today, and I do believe their group did an excellant job!
Sorry for it being sideways, I guess I will know next time to turn the phone the other way!! LOL  But alas despite their best efforts, they did not place in the competition.  Not to worry though, they had a great time!  While Jonathan, Willow and I spent the day their, Evan and Mandie got to play at a friends house (they spent the night last night) and Evan came home sick.  :(    But, I think once he gets some fresh air tomorrow, he will be okay.  Jon had class today, did some laundry and not sure what else... but I am sure it had something to do with his computer! lol  

So, for now I leave you all knowing that in 3 months Willow will have her first appointment with the specialist and by then we will really know what baby delays she has.


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