It's been a few days....

A few days have gone by since we were told the news of our daughter, Willow.  We have been able to process the information and have come to terms with what our life will possibly entail.  But you see, it is just that a possibility.  We really do not know how delayed she will be and to be upset about what she may not be able to do is not how we want to spend our lives.  She is adorable, she smiles, she coos at you all things a baby should be able to do.  Yes, she will be behind on rolling over and possibly walking eh she's alive!  And that should be celebrated.

There were many things that made this pregnancy not easy, and while delivery went smoothly it was on the 24th of December.... A day I never wanted to have a child of mine born on!  LOL   But alas, we have been given a gift for I am sure, many reasons.  I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers through all of this so far, it means so much to all of us.


JIL said…
Your outlook on this whole situation is inspiring. Love sees no issues or problems and you are showing that beautifully.
Amanda: said…
It's all gonna be just fine :)

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