The first of many...

Today we had Willow's opthomology appointment. It took quite a while as they were running behind, but eh, whats new?!  So, the short of it all would be this:  She does have visual delays, albeit small right now but none the less delays.  She also has a stronger vision than most kids her age. She is a +5 in one eye and a +4.5 in the other (not sure what that really means in technical terms until I speak with my sister in law), but it boils down to her needing glasses.  So we have an appointment in June where we will discuss that.  For now, we must work on visual therapy with her (that will be set up tomorrow with Ken-o-sha).

The other good news about today's appointment is that we found that the optic nerve is just fine!  It is not being affected by the hydrocephalus (or hydro as you may see it in future posts), and her eye muscles are in wonderful condition as well!  So any further delays she may have will be because of the lack of brain matter and the lack of connections transferring.  But, if the therapy works well, then the delays will hopefully go away!


starimager said…
Willow couldn't ask for a more loving family. I truly wish her well.
Ellen said…
She is absolutely beautiful and Ken O Sha does wonderful things helping children reach their full potential when they have some setbacks at a young age! I'm glad they are working with her so soon! This may all turn out to be such a great gift for all her older siblings, as it is bringing you all together and closer as a family. Hugs and kisses to all!

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