Facing the truth...

Well, over the weekend, I got the chance to visit with many friends, it was so nice to see them again on Sunday & Monday!  Sunday I saw another little girl, born only 3 days after my Willow. I have to say though that little girl sure did sit quite well, and hold her head straight, and was very alert and interested in toys & things around her.  My Willow is not there yet, and well, it was difficult to finally face what my little girl can't do.  Yesterday I pulled out the other kids baby books and realized that they all rolled over by 3 months from belly to back, and had giggled.  We have yet to hear her giggle while she is awake.  I know we are working on Willow time (as we call it now), but it took me a day to become okay with it again though.  I just have to remember we are working on one day at a time.

Tomorrow we have her ped. ophthalmology appointment, to get a baseline of where her vision is at now.

For now, we wait again.


Amanda: said…
It'll all work out :) Hang in there and hug your little girl!
Chel said…
I can understand a bit of the comparisons, as I walk that to a lesser extent with Jace. Seeing comparisons will be hard. I'm confident you'll see more and more of Willow's gifts though. There will always be beauty amidst the pain and my guess is you'll be good at seeing it.

I love love love the pictures of Willow. She's gorgeous.
Jodi said…
"Willow time"... I love that! Just take it one day at a time with her, God brought her to you for a reason.
Ellen said…
I have yet to meet the precious Willow, but I know she is beautiful and wonderful, because God does not make mistakes! I love "Willow Time". Remember, we all do things in our own time and sometimes younger siblings wait until they are good and ready to do all those milestones we anticipate. Enjoy the fact that she is giving you a bit of extra time to enjoy her as a baby! They really don't stay that way nearly long enough! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!

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