Mid-Winter blahs....

Well the mid winter blahs have hit our house!! Maybe it is just me, but I am so ready for Spring. I want to be able to get out of this house! I do not work but only 2 days a week, and I am not used to that type of schedule, so I feel like I have so much time on my hands and because of it I feel that I can put off a lot of things as I will have time later for it. But time is running short. Mainly for me to finish the work for my classes that I received in completes for last semester. I believe I am down to 6 weeks before everything needs to be turned in. I just feel like life has taken over and it may possibly be having me travel down a different road.

I do not want to give up going to school as I have always wanted to be a teacher, but now I have a newborn at home and a soon to be 11 yr. old as well! I have been out of high school for 14 yrs. and have a wonderful family, but have not been able to complete what I have always thought would be... school. I think I am set to graduate next year, so I am close (Dec. 2012) but yet it still seems so far away. I really need to look at what I have and see if I am within reach of graduating, because if not, I feel like not finishing.

I know I am rambling currently, and I do apologize for it. But thank you for listening!

As for the children, here is a quick update... Willow will have her 2 month check up on the 24th, but I took her in yesterday as I thought she had an ear infection. She does not, but we are going to treat her for reflux... so Zantac twice a day. She also weighs 10 lbs. 10oz so we seem to be doing well with the breast feeding. We are also doing well with the cloth diapers, so that is good.

I have conferences for the other 3 children next week (well 2 conferences this week, 1 next week). So I will know how they are doing in school after that. I would have to imagine just fine because otherwise the teachers would say something to me... As for things at the home front, they are doing well.

So I will finish rambling now... Thank you for listening.


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