Back to the grind...

So, I went back to work this week. Though it turned out to not be such a great week to go back! First I had to call in on Monday as we had two kids home sick, Evan and Mandie both with temps over 101. :( Mandie was getting over strep and Evan just had a cold. Then I went into work on Tuesday and did just fine. Then yesterday we had a "blizzard" or so the weather man says! LOL Basically a foot and half of snow fell and yes everything closed (even a mall!) but we were able to dig out the next day (today). So I went into work today and did well, and then tomorrow I will not be there since I have an appointment with the principal at school. So, it should be interesting.

But next week is my official time back to work. It seemed okay this week with Willow going to the sitter and Jon and her doing just fine. I am thinking my milk supply will even itself out as well, since we are exclusively breast feeding and she is doing so well with that!! She is my nursing champ! I can not believe that she is already losing that 'baby look' and growing so well.... I wish they would stay small for a bit longer.

This was just taken yesterday:

Other than that, the kids are well enjoying their two snow days

Jonathan is also being helpful and shoveling out some neighbors too! He is so happy to be helpful. Jon is in training for his promotion team lead! So we are excited about that as well.

Hope everyone has a wonderful winter!


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