What a crazy month!

Well, I guess the best place to start is at the beginning; so here it goes! So, Nov. 15th, I come home from work and just crash on the couch! I slept until 6 pm that night (luckily Jon had the day off and picked up the kids for me). I had somehow acquired a fever. I call into work the next day and go to the doctor. My family practice doctor says it sounds like the flu, and that we will just let it run its course and I will be fine after about a week. Looking back, that seriously sounds funny to me right now.

So, I miss Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of work, go in on Friday as it seems that the fever has broke. I manage through the day, but it wasn't great. Then on Saturday, we get a phone call that Jon's mom has had a stroke and we need to take her to the hospital. So I was not feeling great yet again, but Jon really isn't supposed to be driving, so I pick up Nathanael, and we go to get mom... Only Becki beat us! She is really good at that. Horribly long story short, mom did indeed have a stroke and spent the weekend in the hospital. She was discharged to us on Monday (so I miss yet another day of work). I work Tuesday and Wednesday and then its Thanksgiving Break!!

Holiday went really well, we had it our house, and Jon was a huge help that day as well. So after Thanksgiving I started to get the fever again. Saturday I head back into the hospital due to a fever of 103! So, I go in and they do a bunch of blood work and run a bunch of tests. Monday (11/29), I get a call from my doctor and they ask me to come in. It seems that one of the tests they ran at the hospital shows that my liver enzymes in my blood is high, and there is bilirubin in my urine. So, he wants me to be admitted into the hospital for a minimum of 2-3 days, but he says it could be longer.

I go into the hospital, get admitted and settled into my room. They start the IV, and of course I then start to become a human pin cushion for them to draw blood work for numerous labs. Longer story short, I was discharged that week on Thursday (12/2)! Thank goodness! They really have no answer as to what happened other than I got a virus that attacked my liver. So, I have to drink plenty of fluids and stay on bed rest I was told. What fun, bed rest.

Well, I do the best that I can and only run a couple of errands a day, nap in the afternoon, and lie in bed the rest of the evening. Not a great life, but hey its bed rest. This goes on for about a week and a half, and then on Saturday (12/11) I go into the hospital with contractions that are 10 minutes apart!! yeah me! But, no, nothing changes, still only 1 cm dilated.

I had an appointment with my specialist and my OB on the 14th, and at the specialist they do the ultrasound, it appears Willow has some very chubby cheeks! LOL They have her measuring to be a 7 lb. 10 oz baby right now. We shall see about that! Then I go to my OB who decides to check me, and says that I am now 3 cm. dilated!! Hurray! That means literally any day now she could come! I am beyond excited. So, I am definitely in full nesting mode and getting things ready for her and I to come home!

Today, I did some Christmas shopping, still have a lot to do, but at least it is started. Maybe if I make a list if I do have a baby this week, someone can go for me.... (hint, hint, Jonnie!! :)

So, nesting has started, I am ready, and it sounds like hopefully she will be here soon.

That has been my month in review. Thank you if you have made it this far, it has definitely been a long and crazy month for us as well.


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