What a Christmas!

I should have known from the start is all I can say looking back at everything.

Our lovely dear daughter made her entrance into the world on Dec. 24th at 1:34 pm. It was the most natural labor and delivery I have ever given. I could feel her moving down the birth canal, I could feel myself dilating, and I walked through most of the labor! I was up moving around until I was almost 8 cm! It was amazing, hypnobirthing is definitely worth it for those who already meditate.

So, anyway, to spare the longer version of the story, she came the 24th, weighing in at a hefty 8 lbs. 4 oz and a measly 19 inches long! We can not believe that 10 days before her due date, she was over 8 lbs! Amazing is all I can say. We spent Christmas in the hospital, which I have not ever wanted to do with this pregnancy; but we got through it somehow. She is adorable, but I'm mom so I don't make the best judge in the world! LOL

We are home today, Sunday; and I have to say it feels nice to be home. Despite the fact that I am busy cleaning up, making dinner and playing games with the kids and trying to keep them quiet all while Jon works; I still feel great to be home. Tired, but great!


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