Welcome to the delivery room....

What can I say? It looks like every other delivery room I have been in. There is a bed, bright lights, 2 visitor chairs, the newborn bed where the baby will be tended to, the monitoring machines, possibly a birthing chair (not chair have never seen one before). This room lacked windows though, so that kind of sucked. I also saw the bathroom, it lacked a sink! But the whirlpool tub looks incredible, and I have to say that I really can not wait to give that a try.

Now you may be thinking I just got a tour of the hospital and that is why I mention the room... No this is actually the room I was in for an hour and a half today. I thought my water broke while I was at work, but thankfully, it has not. I am quite happy about that. The flip side is that one could say my labor has started (depends really on who you talk to and how technical one wants to be), but I did find out today that I am one centimeter dilated.

I am not really worried about that, as I think back to my other labors with my wonderful children, I have been in worse situations this far along, and I have been 2-3 centimeters dilated for a month or so; so worried is not the feeling that fits me today. What I am though is feeling like saying,"I told you so" to my husband who feels that he can take his time getting Mandie's room done. And while I do understand that we do have potentially 9 more weeks (or more if she decides to be really stubborn) but at the same time it could be shorter and I think coming home today and telling him that I am indeed dilated finally made him realize that yeah we are reaching the end point. After all the third trimester is indeed the last point of pregnancy!!

So that was my welcoming to the delivery room today. Short, sweet, and to the point. Oh and I do not want to forget that I had some awesome nurses, and really hope to see them again when I do go into labor.


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