Ahh, the smell of a new week. How interesting to wake up to the smell of cold. :( Yes, it is cold here in Grand Rapids. What lies ahead for this week? Well, quite a bit as usual.

Monday: Work & school for me, 2 doctors appointments, one with my OB at 7 am, and one with the specialist at 1:15 (I may have to reschedule that one though due to school.)

Tuesday: Work & School again

Wednesday: Yup the same, work & school.

Thursday: Same as well, work & school

Friday: Work (no school today)!

Saturday: Mandie's Birthday Party!!!

But some time this week, I need to fit in shopping for Mandie's birthday, baking and a lot of it!! We need to make candy for the goodie bags, her birthday cake, cake pops (off of this site:, some spooky Halloween punch, which means freazing some juicy hands! LOL

Really, I can not wait to do it as I love to bake, I am just not sure how I will find the time to do it all plus my homework. So, today, my cold smelling Sunday is now a homework day. I shall start after my coffee and will probably procrastinate until at least after lunch!

(As a side note, my last week was okay, full of emotional ups & downs that are too many and too long to get into, so for my friends who worry about my health..... My contractions last night from 10-11:30 pm were 5-7 mins. apart, but not painful, and varying amounts of time in length.) I am going to try to not do too much today.)

Some pictures of the baking done thus far:
Trial run # 1 of candy:

Pumpkin Bites (from a Betty Crocker cookbook)


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