The last visit?!

So, I had my 29 week appointment with my maternal fetal specialist. As always they are running very late, and I had already rescheduled this appointment to be earlier so that I could hopefully make it to class today since I have already missed so many of this particular class, and yet there I was at the receptionist window at 2:10 (appointment was scheduled for 1:45, I arrived at 1:25 in hopes of getting in early) and asking if I could reschedule since I had to be at class at 3. Well, they pushed me right in thankfully. My blood pressure was a bit high for me though still in normal range for most people, 108/64, and I now weigh in at 138 pounds. I have officially gained 34 pounds so far!! And I still have 11 weeks to go!

Anyway, our baby girl is doing well, all is still very healthy with her, it appears she will be born with a lot of hair too! The cervix is still closed, and when he pushes on it, it does nothing! But the thing that worries me, and the doctor says is not a worry is that she is head down, and her head is indeed right on the top of my cervix, just "knocking on that door" as my doctor said today. Yet, he said that can be normal, and she can still flip flop around and end up in a different position before long.

But because all is still perfect with my cervix and our baby girl, I no longer need to see the specialist. I will be seeing my OB later this week, and see what he has to say about how things are going. This is the week that I have to do the sugar test, and get my rhogam shot as well, I am not looking forward to the sugar test, but alas it must be done.

Now, I just enter panic mode as I try to make sure I have everything I need for our baby girl to come home!! The list seems never ending!! And there is so little time to make sure it gets all done! AGGGGHHHH!


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