Just another week....

What a week, that is all I have to say about that. It has been full of busy moments, stressed out moments, and of course painful pregnancy moments. But hey at 7 months, what can one expect?

The week started off in the usual way, kids to school, me to work and class, Jon working at home, but then by Wednesday something changed. I started to not feel so well, and really had trouble walking around, so I call the doctor only to be told "there is no room at the inn" (I suppose my nurses way of being funny since I will be delivering at St. Mary's Hospital, but not too funny to me at the time). I was told I could go to Spectrum, but really I did not want to chance my luck with a new set of doctors who may or may not have read my records. So, I wait the pain out, time the contractions, drink plenty of fluids and rest. By Thursday, I make it to class because I thought I had a test in lingusitics, but no that is on Tuesday. That's okay I at least got plenty of review. Yet walking campus hurt! I am stubborn though, so here it is Friday and I still have not gone in to the doctor. I am not sure if it is fear of being told that all is okay (which should be great news, but with my pain it is fear of thinking I am crazy!!) or the fear of being told that I am indeed starting to dilate (which is much more fearful than thinking I am crazy). So, instead I have an appointment with my specialist at 1:45 on Monday, and I will go to that and see what they say.

Aside from that fun, I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow. It is my own! My sister in law and two good friends have decided to throw me a party, so that should be fun. We may also go to an orchard and get some apples; I really want to try and make my own applesauce, it sounds so easy and yummy too! I may also send a good bag to a friend who is in need of some Michigan Apples!! We shall see what I can arrange with that.

We still have no name for this bundle of pink joy. I am at a loss, and really I think it is because Mandie has called her baby Anna since day one. The only problem is, I refuse to have two daughters named Amanda and Anna. I am not that type of a mom!!

So if there are any suggestions, help is appreciated!


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