Bed rest already?!

Yup that is right, I may not have made it through this entire pregnancy as well as I was hoping. This whole pregnancy has not been easy as it is, but today I have the same lower belly pain that I did last week. After being at the specialist yesterday they thought maybe it was muscle pain due to pulling weeds and bending over so much. Well, when I called in today to both my OB and the specialist and explained that it is the same pain as last week, and that I did nothing more than what I normally do at my job, they called me back and said that it is over activity causing the pain. And they want me off my feet the rest of the day, and try work tomorrow, but if the pain is still there, then I see my OB later this week and we will discuss what to do from here. That was what I was told anyway.....

I guess I can say at least I made it to 30 weeks this time before getting bed rest, but at the same time, it sucks.... does that mean I have to quit school too??? I am sure due to the reasoning behind me not being able to go to school I will be able to make arrangements to finish the term somehow so I am not really worried about that, I just hate the thought of bed rest.... I do not do well with those words...

So, now I rest and wait to see the OB later this week to see what we will really do.


Jodi said…
Bed rest is no fun, but you have to do what's best for you and the baby!! Hang in there!!

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