The final hooray!

So Labor Day weekend starts today! It is the unofficial/official last weekend of summer. I can not believe that it is over, and the children are starting school in a few short days. Wow!

We have no real plans for the weekend. I would like to spend one day getting the house clean again; it seems that since I have started school this week and Jon was busy with phone interviews and computer tests for a potential job that things have gotten a bit out of hand. So, I think Saturday will be 'reclaiming the clean' in our house day. :) Yes, I did also state that Jon had an interview... it seems like he may have gotten the job too. I do not know too many of the details, but I do know it is a work from home, over the phone type of job. So we will have to get a land line phone for him.

I too have also started classes again at Grand Valley. Full time, 12 credits all English! Overload semester, I am sure. Yet, I am looking forward to it, the first week went well, and I have great professors this time, so I think it will be an amazing semester. Now if only Baby Anna (as Mandie calls her) will stay put until AFTER finals, I will be set! ;)

As for what this month will bring; I am not too sure, a lot of excitement I hope. Right now Mandie does not want to go to school, but hopefully that will change, the boys are thrilled, and are excited about their teachers. Well, Evan wishes he got a different one, but I think he will do just fine with his teacher that he has. It will be an amazing year!


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